Clinical Care

Since 2001 we have successfully assisted hundreds of women of all ages with a wide range of mental and emotional problems through difficult periods of their lives. Our success is based on having the experience and skills to understand all aspects of psychiatric mental health illnesses and treatment.

Due to our small and intimate service we are able to respond to each woman's individual needs and deliver the personalised care needed for recovery.

After an initial assessment based on the clinical referral received or initial discussion with the client and /or family regarding current needs and concerns, a clinical plan for each woman is formulated. This will be geared towards resolving the most immediate problems and treating specific issues such as poor sleep, or low mood.

Any medication is administered as prescribed and therapy support is available for anxiety and emotional distress.

All clinical care is delivered with kindness, care and compassion in a peaceful, relaxed, therapeutic environment.

We provide a non-judgmental, confidential and safe space for women to experience being listened to, accepted and understood. We assist women work through their difficulties and focus on developing skills and strategies to more effectively manage their problems.

Time Out communicates with referring treatment providers and family involved, giving feedback and updates as agreed to at the time of admission.

Time Out is a short- term respite facility and length of stay is flexible and determined by the referring clinician, clinical team and progress of each individual woman towards recovery.

Who is Time Out For?


Time Out is for women who have an ongoing mental illness such as depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, schizophrenia, stress disorders/work related, relationship stress, including post-traumatic stress and personality disorders whose symptoms have deteriorated and need some additional support.


Time Out is for families who maybe supporting a loved one with psychological distress and emotional problems who need help. Stress can be relieved by having their family member come to respite for a period of time and be cared for. Families are welcome to visit at any time.


Time Out is for adolescent girls who need some time away from their family or current situation. Families under pressure often experience stress and conflict. By providing a period of respite this can assist families to have some breathing space to make new decisions and establish additional support. Families can take breaks knowing their loved one is being given the appropriate care and support they need.


Time Out is for women who may be overwhelmed by a life crisis brought on by losses that are unbearable and result in depression or unstable mood and behavior. Time Out can provide emotional support, crisis intervention therapy, grief counseling and problem solving.

Admission Process

Time Out accepts referrals from treatment providers, doctors, clinicians, therapists, families or individual women seeking help for themselves.

For women with longstanding and complex problems a written referral is required outlining any risk or safety concerns and giving detailed records of medication and current treatment.

Individuals can self refer and Time Out keeps the admission and all other processes as friendly and uncomplicated as possible to reduce stress and anxiety.

Time Out is a short-term respite facility. Length of stay is flexible and determined by each woman in consultation with their family, referring clinician, clinical team and the progress of each individual woman towards recovery

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Who is Time Out for:

  • Women with diagnosed mental illness
  • Families under pressure
  • Mothers & babies
  • Adolescent girls
  • Women in crisis

Available for
Crisis Admissions
24 hours
7 days a week

Easy Admission Process

All Cultures and Belief Systems Respected

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