About Us


Time Out is a private 4 bedroom respite facility in Mt Albert, providing care and support for women.

Our service is small, comfortable and accessible for women experiencing a wide range of mental health and psychiatric problems and life challenges.

We offer a homely, therapeutic environment and sound clinical care for women of all ages.


Time Out was started by Linda Kelly RN 15 years ago in Auckland as a private alternative Mental Health & Psychiatric Service for Women and has helped hundreds of women regain their sense of wellbeing and stability. Over the years, Time Out has gained valuable experience so that we can provide the highest level of care. Based on sound clinical knowledge and practical strategies we can assist women dealing with difficult personal circumstances and mental health illnesses.


Time Out provides a confidential, caring and supportive environment where women experiencing emotional and mental distress can find peace of mind and receive the support they need to enhance their recovery.


Time Out understands that every woman is different. Individual care is provided for each woman to reflect on and develop solutions in order to resolve current problems that will lead to healthier and more productive lives. Each woman has their own goals to achieve and their own way of achieving these.


Time Out is based on the philosophy that focuses on women's strength and abilities and actively supports women to maintain and build success. Practically this means that women are encouraged to continue to attend appointments with their therapists, attend groups and courses or even continue to go to work. We offer any support by way of transport and assistance to keep these activities going.


Time Out actively welcomes families and friends to stay involved with their loved ones, visit regularly and be part of all aspects of their care. Women are welcome to attend social and family gatherings or go out to the local shops, cafes or walks. Time Out has wireless internet and resources so that women can actively work on their recovery and stay in touch with their community.


Time Out has 14 years experience with all aspects of Mental Health Care and Treatment. Women can receive the correct information about what is happening to them and be given time to discuss their struggles, difficulties and problems. Time Out is committed to helping women reduce their anxiety and improve their sleep and wellbeing. Medication is supervised if required and Time Out will keep in contact with treating clinicians to give feedback or receive clinical plans and direction. Time Out supports recovery but in no way takes over or interferes with medical treatment prescribed by a women's Doctor or Psychiatrist.


Recovery involves improvements in all aspects of a woman's life. Attention is therefore given to providing healthy meals, encouraging daily exercise, stress management, problem solving and assisting women to rest and sleep healthily.

Books, magazines games, movies, laptops, drawing materials are provided for stimulation and enjoyment. Laughter and fun prescribed every day!


All enquiries are confidential. Time Out welcomes women and their families to call and visit in order to decide if Time Out is the right option for them.

Time Out is also available for women living outside of Auckland who may not be able to obtain the support they need in their home environment or local area. Time Out will assist with all arrangements including pick up and drop off to the airport.

What we offer:

  • A safe haven for women
  • Unique service
  • Caring & comfortable enviroment
  • Individual care
  • Family & friends can visit anytime
  • Sound clinical care
  • Holistic approach
  • Transport assistance
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